Minnie Mouse Bedroom Decor for the Little Girls

Minnie mouse bedroom decor

Minnie Mouse Bedroom Decor for the Little Girls – As a parent, designing a bedroom decor for your daughter with her favorite cartoon characters is actually really interesting. Well, it is probably a dream for every little girl to have a bedroom where she can freely imagine what they want. One of cartoon characters probably liked by your daughter is Minnie Mouse. You may be really familiar with this Disney’s figure. Together with Mickey, both are becoming the earliest characters known and introduced by Disney. Then, as you see, although they have through several decades, they are still exists and having so many fans. If you are really interested in applying the Minnie Mouse bedroom decor, below are several ideas that are probably suitable for you.

Wall Decoration

If you think simplicity is better, such plain wall is better. You can choose one of many pastel colors to deepen the kiddy sense. It is common to associate the girl with pink, but actually you can also use other colors like milky blue, cream or ivory. Using more than one color to make it look livelier is also a good idea of Minnie Mouse bedroom decor application. Horizontal line circling the entire wall is also good for the ornaments. It is better if you can find this wallpaper garnish with any Minnie Mouse accents.

Minnie mouse in bedroom wall

Another option related to the wall decoration is by using mural wallpaper. A big Minnie character equipped by her house and a garden outside is such a good application. Besides, it will be easily suitable with any pastel colors as the background. Or probably you want wallpaper type with many spreading accents, well, it is also easily applied. However, you should select plain furniture; therefore, it will lessen the complicated sense in it.


Again, pastels are being the most suitable colors to be applied in Minnie Mouse bedroom decor. Or if you prefer such bold colors, you may choose red, green, orange, blue or some other types of bright hues. Then, it will be much better if those bright hues are combined with the neutrals to make it more calming and soothing. In term of shape and model, you can use them which are commonly applied in any girl bedroom decor. Well, feminine sense is still being the most important aspect. If you lucky, you may find or order a bed with the head of Minnie Mouse.

Minnie mouse bedroom decor for girls

Overall, Minnie Mouse bedroom decor can be likened with the vintage style, mainly in term of color selection and the furniture cutting. Therefore, it will be better for you to complete this bedroom with several windows with trellis. Not only as the vintage application, the trellis makes the bedroom will be safer, particularly for children.

Minnie Mouse Accessories

Accessories are being the most important items, mainly if you design such bedroom with a particular theme. You may start from now to collect accessories and other stuffs in Minnie Mouse, whether for the shape or the accents. They can be in the form of wall clock, alarm, table lamp, bedcover, pillow covers, photo frames and even stickers.

Minnie mouse bedding for girls

The budgets you spend for Minnie Mouse bedroom decor are probably not a bit. Therefore, it is better if you try to gather information where you can find or order any bedroom furniture and stuffs with affordable price. Therefore, designing a bedroom for your daughter will not break your bank.

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