Best Applications of Purple Bedroom Designs

Best Applications of Purple Bedroom Designs – Purple is a color occurring between red and blue in which it is common to associate and equate this with other similar colors like crimson and violet. This color is often used as the symbol of royal; mainly it is of the ancient kingdom like Roman or China. In this modern day, purple is still known to be used as the tickets color for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Those are becoming some reasons why purple is closely related to the sense glamorous, luxury and even majesty. Purple is also good for bedroom designs. It can simply symbolize the romance, love and appeal. Therefore, it is really suitable for the couple bedroom. But, by little accents of pastels, it is also good for kids and teenage bedroom. Here are several ideas of the purple bedroom designs that probably you like. Check them out.

As the shading

Purple bedroom designs mean using purple as the main theme doesn’t mean that you have to use them in the entire room, particularly if you choose bright or deep purple. Well, the application of purple for the whole wall will make the room look stuffy and less comfortable. Therefore, if you prefer using purple for couple bedroom, you should use it only the accents. It can be best applied on only one or two sides of the bedroom wall, not all. Such balancing with light violet or white is better to make the room shinier. If it is not, you can also use purple as the color of bedroom furniture and room accessories. Combination of purple and white is perfect for the sense of calm and relaxing.

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Purple is suitable for any styles of interior design, whether it is modern or classic. If you prefer the modern and minimalist style, combination of purple and white is perfect for the sense of calm and relaxing. Furniture and accessories and both colors are such a good alternative. For the sense of futuristic, it is good for you to add glass furniture. Purple bedroom designs are also best applied for classic and vintage interior style. It is best for Victorian style in which you can easily put any royal sense in it. If you want something simpler and more modest, vintage is also a good idea to be matched with purple.

For the Whole

Milky or pastel purple is suitable for kiddy or teenage bedroom designs. The different with other bedroom designs mentioned above, by using the pastels, you can use it for the whole part of the wall without worrying any stuffy and thermal senses. It is because the pastel derivative of purple is having calmer and more relaxing senses. Several accents like bubble and cartoon characters are also perfectly matched to this kind of purple bedroom designs.

purple bedroom designs

Besides, you can also combine it with other similar colors like violet or crimson. For the bedroom items like furniture and accessories, it is suggested also that you should use various pastel colors. Well, teenagers and kids are perfect for the application of cheerful sense. Although the pastel type of purple is much calmer than the bright one, of course, the ventilation is still such an important thing you should consider. With enough windows that are capable to let the air and sunshine circulate well, they will make this purple bedroom design more healthy and refreshing. Don’t forget to put several planthouses or flowers, if it is possible, in purple.

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