Stunning and Cool Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom is a place where you might expect to spend your time more. Not only as a place to sleep, a bedroom is also important for you to take a rest and refresh you mind. There are actually several famous styles exist and provided to be applied on your bedroom, just mention them, classic, vintage, retro, or minimalist. But if you feel bored in using such conventional bedroom ideas, you may imagine something strange but lovely for the additional sense of different and unique. Here are several cool bedroom ideas that you need to consider to realize such a dreamy place.

Glass Bedroom

This kind of bedroom ideas is really suitable for you who have a bedroom in the corner of the house; therefore, you can put on several huge windows on one or two sides of the room. It will be much better if you have a landscape outside like small garden or pasture. Of course you need to plant many kinds of plants and flowers to beautify the room. An aquarium or small pond can be put inside the room. Don’t forget to add such small waterfall or fountain that will simply evoke a little rush of water. Ornamental fishes and also several corals are good to deepen the sense of natural. Besides, several planthouses, whether they are original or artificial are best for your glass bedroom. For this kind of cool bedroom ideas, several natural colors are suitable to be applied such as white, green, brown, and also blue as the representation of sky, land, forest, cloud, and also ocean. Something that will make your room look cooler is related to the ceiling, you may have ever seen such glass ceiling, like in the cartoon or kids movies. Therefore, why don’t you choose it for your ceiling? Of course, you need something like curtain to cover it, mainly at noon or night. If your room is small enough, another kind of cool bedroom ideas you should apply is by putting several mirrors on it to accentuate the larger feeling.

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Bedroom with a swimming pool inside

This kind of cool bedroom ideas is probably often seen in such romantic movies, a huge bedroom with a swimming pool inside. Of course, if you are interested in applying this idea, you need to have a large room which will remain more space. To deepen the sense of relax and refreshing, several earthy colors can be chosen, like blue or green – those colors are also matched to the water. It is better actually to separate the bed place and also the swimming pool to avoid the moist temperature in the room. Such moist temperature, of course, will make the condition unhealthy. Therefore, to make any sense that the bed and the pool are placed in one room, you can split them with glass rolling door, which is closed on the bedtime. Don’t forget about the bedroom lighting ideas, you can use the combination of blue or green and white to add the sense of “water”.

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Landscape Inside

For you who like any sensation of sleeping outdoor, this type of cool bedroom ideas is really suitable. The first thing you should do is ordering several wallpaper with huge photographs like the photos of mountainous, beach, garden, savannah, cherry blossom park, green forest, and green bamboo trees.

2013 cool bedroom ideas

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Or you can also use other famous sites in the world like the Eiffel tower, the Great Wall of China, Liberty Statue or Collosseum in Rome. You can also attach the wallpaper to the ceiling; such cloudy sky will simply match to the landscape around.

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