Ideas of 2013 Bedroom Furniture Trends

If you are looking for such bedroom furniture which is up-to-date and best represents the 2013 trends, you may not be so confused. Actually, now, in 2013, the trends of decoration including the furniture are a recurrence of the trends which were really happening in the years before. You may know the term of Victorian, rustic, vintage, country, minimalist and many more. Yes, again, they are becoming the most chosen bedroom decoration in 2013. By a little combination of them, you can make such beautiful and comfortable bedroom. Here are several ideas related to the 2013 bedroom furniture trends are offered for you. Check them out.

Minimalist Touch

In 2013, the materials used for the furniture is actually not a big deal. If you may think that wooden furniture is beset representing the sense of traditional, therefore, now, you should throw away that thought. Several natural materials, with a skilled-handicraft maker, they can be made into furniture with minimalist touch. Yes, this good blending is becoming one of the most selectable 2013 bedroom furniture trends. The key of course related to the simplicity, in which the furniture created do not need too many details. They can also be perfectly combined with glasses for the sense of futuristic. If you want it look more elegant and modern, dark wooden with polishing as the final treatment can be a good alternative. You can also use such clean lines or geometric accents to deepen the sense of minimalist.

2013 bedroom furniture trends

Bright Colors

For you who prefer the sense of cheerful, using bright colors for your furniture is being a good alternative for you. You can combine several bright colors like red, yellow, orange, green, violet or blue into one to accentuate the eclectic style. Of course, it is better if this type of 2013 bedroom furniture trends is also blended with several soft colors to reduce the stuffy feelings. This furniture is actually best to be matched with any 2013 bedroom trends because of the sense of modern and futuristic. So, for you who love the uniqueness, eclectic is really good for you to show your creativity.

2013 bedroom furniture trends 1

Another option related to the bright color is by using only one or two colors as your bedroom theme. Similar with the two alternatives mentioned above, this 2013 bedroom furniture trend is really suitable to be matched with minimalist decorations. You can use light and simple color like light green, azure, or violet, if you want to apply it in the whole room. Of course, the derivation of those colors is also needed to generate a good combination. But if you want to use bold colors like red, yellow, or orange, it is suggested to you to combine them with other soft colors like white. Therefore, your room is not becoming to thermal and stuffy.

Rustic Ideas

You may still find rustic as one of the most selectable bedroom decoration 2013. The senses of ethnic and unique which are best applied in this kind of 2013 bedroom trends are really undeniable for many people. Several “dark” accents figuring from the wood, bricks, ands terracotta accents are really suitable for you who appreciate arts. Including in term of furniture, rustic touch is also can be applied for your bed, dressing table, wardrobe, or the desk. Don’t forget to perfect it with a chimney in the middle of your bedroom.

2013 bedroom furniture trends 2

Feminine Accents

You may also easily find it in any classical bedroom decoration. Yes, although it is classic, but the feminine accents like flowers and lace are still being a good option in 2013 bedroom furniture trends.

2013 bedroom furniture trends 3

They can be simply applied as the furniture carving or the bedroom fabrics like carpet, table cloths, pillow covers and bedcover. Mainly for you the girls, those accents will be one of 2013 bedroom furniture trends best for you.

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