The Concept of Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

The Concept of Feng Shui Bedroom Colors – Feng Shui is a theory coming from China that emphasizes on how to create a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment. The essence of this theory is to maintain a balance between yin and yang. You can organize your bedroom according to Feng Shui to create peace when you are inside. Feng Shui is not only related to elements such as metal, water, fire, earth, or other. This theory also focuses on the selection of colors to create a balance.

Feng Shui bedroom colors

Feng Shui bedroom colors: keep them balanced

Feng shui bedroom colors are essential to apply if you want to set up a bedroom according to the Feng Shui concept. Bedroom is simply one of the most important rooms in the house. Coming home from school, from the office, or from anywhere, we usually will go straight into the bedroom to unwind. Here the function of bedroom paint colors is very important. Some colors can cause listlessness, restlessness, and other adverse effects. That is why Feng Shui bedroom colors are indispensable. This theory is to make sure your bedroom decorated with the right colors so that your mind will be calmer and relaxed.

Sometimes Feng Shui bedroom colors are against the best bedroom colors. The colors trending today not necessarily go hand in hand with the concept of Feng Shui. Your wisdom is needed to determine whether you want to choose the trending colors or choose ones that will create harmony in the bedroom. We don’t need to explain further because we are sure that you already understand what relaxing colors are and what colors can trigger the feeling of anxiety and restlessness. If you choose the right colors for the bedroom, your sleep will be more restful and you will be full of energy. We also recommend you to apply this theory to your kid’s bedroom. Childhood is a time where they absorb everything from the environment quickly. Bright and sunny colors will keep them cheerful. While dark colors will make them less passionate.

There are a couple of things to remember before applying Feng Shui bedroom colors. The first is to avoid overpowering colors. Good sleep belongs to yin. It is represented by anything that calms you down. Intrusive colors are against yin so you’d better avoid or reduce the use of these colors for bedroom decorating. Another important tip is to take your children room seriously. Bright colors are nice, but muted colors will neutralize and create a more conducive atmosphere. Some colors are hot and the others are cold. Keep a balance among all these colors.

Feng Shui bedroom colors 2

Feng Shui bedroom colors

Feng Shui bedroom colors are vast since each color has a different meaning. Colors like blue, aqua, black, and gray mean restive and tranquil. Brown is one of the earth tones and this will connect the room with the earth’s energy, perfect for keeping up a balance. Green is a symbol of energy and freshness. Using these colors for bedroom will make you refreshed and energized. Yellow is glowing and is the primary color of the sun. Painting the walls with this color will create an impression as if the sun shines on you. Purple and red are a symbol excitement and strength. They are not the colors that can stand independently, needing assistance from other colors. Gold, white, and mauve radiate happiness to anyone who look at it, while pink and orange will get you more creative.

That was all about Feng Shui bedroom colors.

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