Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor, Looking Distressed all the Time

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor, Looking Distressed all the Time – There are many bedroom designs from many countries, but the shabby chic bedroom decor can’t be missed. Creating a style not only about using certain patterns or colors, but other elements also need to be adjusted. We will share some information on how to apply the shabby chic bedroom decor. The first suggestion is to try using chenille for decorating the bedroom. This is one of the best additions to assert this style. Chenille fabrics are not silky smooth, but they tend to be rough. But that’s not the texture that makes these fabrics perfect for shabby chic bedroom decor, but their pattern. These fabrics have an artistic look and able to complement the concept of shabby chic which is famous for its calmness and elegance. While these fabrics can be sewn for blankets or carpets, but you can also use them for other decors. To make it look more “chic”, white color can be added on the fabrics. They are the epitome of shabby chic style, so any room covered by these fabrics would look chic.

shabby chic bedroom decor

shabby chic bedroom decor: essential fabrics

Lace is also popular for shabby chic bedroom decor, only it is more universal since many styles also embrace them. The most prominent of lace fabrics is they have distinctive patterns. Their distinctive patterns let you easily distinguish them from other fabrics. Although they are never officially claimed, their presence is essential in the style. Each style has different a “soul”, meaning that each style has something that makes it stand out from others. Lace and chenille are the two most essential fabrics in the shabby chic style. You can make curtains, tablecloths, or other decors out of these fabrics.

Each style has statement colors. An oriental-themed room contains a variety of furniture painted with red in abundance. The traditional style is always linked to dark colors because they’ve become the style’s statement colors. Shabby chic bedroom decor has a fairly large selection of colors, ranging from blue to white. Colors for the style often reflect old and classy design. You can combine many colors but must be in the vein of the chic’s statement colors. Dusty roses paired with white are a flawless beauty. One thing to remember is never be too strict with colors, just take it easy and let your mind define the best of everything. The shabby style will be more alive if you incorporate some important elements such as lace and chenille fabrics with light colors.

shabby chic bedroom decor 2

shabby chic bedroom decor: textures

Texture plays an important role in shabby chic bedroom decor. Each fabric has its own texture. Silk has a smooth texture, while lace is a little rugged. As we just mentioned, each style is basically paired with typical fabrics. You can’t make a shabby chic bedroom when the entire room is covered with silk. You should read more about how shabby chic bedrooms look like. There’s no need to subscribe a magazine as those pictures are easy to find on the internet. Being knowledgeable will eliminate the role of an interior designer. Many people hire a designer to avoid hassle. We don’t blame you for doing that because decorating is sometimes a difficult task, especially if this is your first time. Shabby or vintage chic bedroom decor is also associated with a distressed look. Old, worn out, rustic, are a few words that can describe the style. Do anything to evoke the atmosphere in the bedroom.

That was all about shabby chic bedroom decor.

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