French Provincial Bedroom Furniture Makeover

French Provincial Bedroom Furniture Makeover – This time we will guide you to apply the French provincial style to your furniture. We’ve often said that every country has a unique design. This goes for bedroom furniture as well. French is a very friendly country and people love it for so many reasons. France has great architectural buildings, and it also impacts the home decorating style. Not only it has a distinctive home decorating style, but it also has unique bedroom furniture. Have you heard about French provincial bedroom furniture? It actually can be separated into 2 main words, French provincial and bedroom furniture. So, those words mean bedroom furniture that take the concept of the French provincial style or inspired by the style.

French provincial bedroom furniture

French provincial bedroom furniture tips

We will tell you how to refinish your furniture to look like the typical French style. First, among all beautiful colors, white is one that greatly represents the style. Now, we have the first major point. To do a French provincial bedroom furniture makeover, you must be okay with the furniture looking white. You can repaint your furniture, and take your time to do this. To skip this tedious process, you can hand the job to a professional painter. White is simply the mother of all colors. The color is gender neutral and everbody seems to love it. French provincial bedroom furniture makeover is all about romance and elegance. You don’t need to buy new furniture. Just change the look of your existing furniture and that’s it!

First thing first, you should prepare paper to protect the floors from paint sprinkles. Next remove all the drawers that are attached to every piece of furniture. You need to paint these parts separately to make the process faster. After applying paint on all over the surface, do the same on the drawers. Once all parts are painted in white, let them dry out. You can assemble all those parts again as before. Then you will get new French provincial bedroom furniture. You can also add a different touch by using antique gold spray. It will make your furniture look more shiny and luxurious. To increase the aesthetic value of the furniture, sand the surface of the furniture. It also aims to make the paint adhere firmly to the surface. Some sandpapers are designed for furniture, one example is 240 grit. After getting this luxury bedroom furniture that you want, next suck up the dust on the furniture.

French provincial bedroom furniture 2

more French provincial bedroom furniture tips

Doing a French provincial bedroom furniture makeover would be quite difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before. Just follow your instincts and everything will be okay. Even if you make big mistakes that ruin the furniture, there are many ways to hidden flaws of the furniture. Bear in mind that you should have basic finishing skills. No, you don’t have to be a trained person to do this. But at least you’ve read a lot of information. This way you know how to do it step by step. Way more important is that you have to know what equipment is needed. Working on such a project must include a lot of tools and materials, such as paint and sandpaper.

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